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down there by his feet.” “What did you say to him?

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"You won't get me to loosen my tongue for that amount to-day; you may bet your boots on that," answered the lad insolently. "I wants one hundred francs down on the nail."

down there by his feet.” “What did you say to him?

"One hundred francs," echoed Beaumarchef, scandalized at such a demand.

down there by his feet.” “What did you say to him?

"Yes, my cove, that and no less."

down there by his feet.” “What did you say to him?

"And what will you give in return? No, no, my lad; your demand is a preposterous one; besides, you wouldn't know how to spend such a sum."

"Don't you flurry yourself about that; but of one thing you may be sure, I sha'n't spend my wages as you do--in wax for your mustache."

Beaumarchef could not endure an insult to his mustache, and Chupin was about to receive the kick he had so richly earned, when Daddy Tantaine suddenly made his appearance, looking exactly as he did when he visited Paul in his garret.

"Tut, tut; never quarrel with the door open."

Beaumarchef thanked Providence for sending this sudden reinforcement to his aid, and began in a tone of indignation,--

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