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and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and

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Andre turned away and paced rapidly up and down the room. "Yes," said he, suddenly, "there is a mystery; but you and I will leave no stone unturned until we penetrate it." He drew a chair close to the side of his friend, who was reclining on a couch. "Listen," said he, "and correct me if you fancy that I am not right in what I am saying. Do you believe that the most terrible necessity alone has compelled Sabine to write this letter?"

and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and

"Both the Count and Countess were willing to accept you as their son- in-law?"

and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and

"Could M. de Mussidan have found a more brilliant match for his daughter, one who could unite so many advantages of experience and education to so enormous a fortune?"

and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and

De Breulh could hardly repress a smile.

"I am not wishing to pay you a compliment," said Andre impatiently. "Reply to my question."

"Very well then, I admit that according to the opinion of the world, I was a most eligible suitor, and that M. de Mussidan would find it hard to replace me."

"Then tell me how it comes about that neither the Count nor the Countess has made any effort to prevent this rupture?"

"Their pride, perhaps, has been wounded."

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